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As explained above, there’s nothing I can do about the global banking system … or even about PayPal’s per-country policies. If you have no credit card, and ardour.org has no EU-zone bank account, how could you pay anyway?

I’m trying to subscribe, but after logging into PayPal as prompted, I just get:
“Sorry — your last action could not be completed
If you were making a purchase or sending money, we recommend that you check both your PayPal account and your email for a transaction confirmation after 30 minutes…”
Had the same problem yesterday, and I tried Firefox on linux & mac, and chrome on mac, so it appears not to be a browser issue.
Subscribing from within the my account or from the download page has the same result.
Is there anything I’m doing wrong?

You would need to follow up with PayPal on this - it sounds like an issue that has nothing to do with ardour.org and everything to do with them. My apologies for this inconvenience - if you wonder why we use PayPal then this may help to clarify that. Did you ever get an email confirmation from them?

+1 for Bitcoin. BitPay allows for you to accept Bitcoin, and settle in your local currency into your bank account. Works in 38 countries currently. Free for up to 30 transactions or $10k /month whichever comes first. 1% thereafter, far far less than PayPal.

I’d be happy to be your first (and perhaps only…) transaction!

The plan is actually to start using KillBill which has many different modules for different payment methods, including some bitcoin-based ones. This is one of the tasks we’re going to pay someone else to get done.

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PayPal just doesn’t accept payments with no explanation. Maybe the reason is RU/EU miscommunication
Wish there was an alternative to support the project

if at some point i cancel my monthly subscription, can i still use ardour without limitations?

The subscription only gives you access to new versions of Ardour. All versions you have already downloaded continue to work without limitations after your subscription has ended.