A Tracker Interface for Ardour is coming (but I need help)

I have decided to revert back to Jitsi. The Odysee live stream didn’t go as well as I hoped. People couldn’t leave messages unless they had an Odysee account, and in the end I didn’t manage to save the live stream. I know the latter problem is my own fault but for the sake of simplicity I’m reverting back to Jitsi.

Thus, for the time being, the appointment should be:

Time: Monday, 5pm UTC
Place: Jitsi Meet

See you there!


Hi, I am another so far silent reader, who would really love to see the tracker interface in Ardour.

Unfortunately I can’t make to the Jitsi meetings most of the time, but since you were mentioning recordings: Are these available somewhere to watch later or did I get it wrong. From skimming through the thread I found the one video from end of January, but nothing newer. I didn’t look very thoroughly though, my apologies, but I would be glad if someone could (re)post the link to past recordings in case they do exist.

Please keep up the great work @ngeiswei !

Hi @jmaibaum,

thanks for the words of encouragement!

Unfortunately I did not record any call since Ardour Tracker Interface Demo (a call for help)

Also these days I am making a small break from the Tracker Editor as I (and Rob) are focusing our attentions to complete Zynayumi GitHub - zynayumi/zynayumi: VST/DSSI/LV2 plugin based on ayumi, the highly precise emulator of AY-8910 and YM2149 http://sovietov.com/app/ayumi/ayumi.html.. I will ping you here as soon as I refocus on Ardour.