A report about X-Touch and some ideas

OK, then we can use the same mapping I’m working on for the MCU Pro. There are 6 or 7 overlays included with the device for other DAWs that provide lots of good inspiration.

@pedro42: The latest git now has more vpot use. The vpot assign buttons for track (trim and phase) as well as sends and pan all now work. In each case pressing vselect should cycle through possibilities in each mode.
Also may be something you are interested in.
The global views for Midi tracks, Audio track, Buses and User (selected).

Hi, lenovens, i found your message today, i’m painting my flat, x-touch is packed in a box :-). Excellent ideas, thank you a lot for your commits! What i remember, there are issues. Switching v-pot between Pan, Trim, Sends works. The LED ring is not always correctly updated. Reliable way how to update the LED rings is to press GlobalView button; then LED rings shows current correct state. LCD shows wrong value for Trim mode - trim mode is between -20 and +20 dB, but LCD shows -inf to 0dB. Or it’s in Send mode?
LEDs on buttons don’t work, GlobalView, Track, Buses etc. LED don’t light.
When a value is shown on LCD, LED meters stop working all time when the value is on LCD.
I can’t remember it exactly, i’ll desribe the behavior during weekend (after painting). Thank you a lot again, your commits increase x-touch’s usability dramatically!

LED rings are a good point. I shall have to make some software LED rings as I don’t have any on my surface.

Trim Mode displays correctly here though the range with the pot only goes down to -16.0 (odd I thought I had tested it to ±20 before) But send mode goes from inf to 0 rather than +6. That should be fixed. It is funny that it worked at first but the text said fader, It appears that in fixing the one problem (text now shows name of aux/bus send goes to) another was created.

LEDs on buttons “MIDI Tracks”, “Inputs”, “Audio Tracks”, “Audio Instrument”, Aux, Busses, Outputs and User do not exist as far as the mackie control protocol is concerned. We may add them anyway at some time. In the mean time, the two digit assignment display should give you an indication of which view is being used. Lamps in the buttons (if the mackie had them) would be better.

For the meters have you set HasSeparateMeters value=“yes” in your device file? The Mackie control uses the display for meters and so the meters have to stop for the value to show up.

@pedro42: Issues with wrong range for trim, send and fader (fader was odd in flip mode) should all be fixed now.

Found one problem with pot rings getting set correctly, then zeroed, fixed. As far as I can tell the rings update correctly now.

If you use Mixbus, then the EQ, and Intrument (compressor) vpot assignment keys do something. The framework is therefore in place to (sometime) make “Plugin” work for Ardour as well. If there is ever a generic plugin bundle for Ardour, the EQ and compressor may work for those as well.